About Chaya

Chaya Doula

About Chaya

Chaya Kasse Valier trained as a pregnancy and birth doula, as well as in massage in Jerusalem, Israel. She says she “is” a doula, because it’s not just something she does, but something she is. She feels she’s been a doula since she desired to have babies, and adds that she “simply trained in the specifics in order to actualize this state of being.”  Chaya knows that every woman has the intrinsic knowledge to birth the way she knows is best for her, and her role as a doula is simply to help you be yourself in this dear process.

Since 2005, Chaya has been a doula, run pregnancy and birth workshops, and provided consultations. Since 2013, Chaya has been enhancing her Jerusalem doula practice with the study of midwifery under the CPM model.

Chaya lives in Jerusalem with her family. She has, gratefully, given birth herself to four amazing daughters and one son with the support of her husband, her doula, and a midwife either in hospital or via planned home birth. 

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