Doula Testimonials

The below detail some of the experiences with Chaya as a doula. You might also be interested in reading Massage Testimonials.

I used all the techniques that I learned in your Easier Birthing workshop and they honestly made all the difference in my labor…The midwife said that I was so calm, that it was really something. I handled all the contractions myself using your techniques. Thank you thank you thank you for helping me achieve the birth I wanted!
 -Rachel Burstyn, Mother & Journalist
 2nd birth, with follow-up workshops for 3rd and 4th births

Chaya has a general calm nature about her, which she is able to transfer to a laboring woman seemingly easily. I attended the Easier Birthing Workshop, and in addition, Chaya has helped me through two labors, giving me tips, and helping me with breathing and relaxation. Just speaking to Chaya can make a woman feel relaxed and more confident! She’s a great source of information for all things birthing and Mommy related.
-Devra Stark, Mother, 4 Births

I’d expected my births to be ‘stormy events’, yet Chaya brings a sense of calm.
-Margelit Hoffman, Mother & Social Media Marketing/Video Production
2nd & 3rd births

I found the Easier Birth workshop simple, eye-opening, and extremely helpful.
-Jenny Weisberg, Mother & Author of  Expecting Miracles, and
5th birth

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