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Want to know the main component – the central way of being – for handling contractions in the most effective way? This workshop provides step-by-step guidelines for handling the feeling of contractions in the easiest way possible, using tools which are personalized for who you are, and what you want.

The techniques are suitable for any type of birth plan. Whether you wish to have a natural, drug-free birth, or just to have the easiest time handling contractions until you get the drugs,  this workshop will help you.

The key is to physically relax our bodies during contractions. This might sound counterintuitive, as our tendency is to become more tense –  trying to combat every contraction –  but in actuality doing the opposite is what helps us the most. This workshop’s techniques and realistic role play exercises are centered around physical relaxation as the key for easier, quicker births.

Here are the details:

Confident and Easier Birthing Workshop In Jerusalem, Zoom or Phone Call

-Simple Ways for Handling Contractions, Based on a Relaxation Technique
-Stretches for late pregnancy

Suitable for any stage of pregnancy and any number pregnancy.

“I used all the techniques that I learned in your Confident & Easier Birthing workshop and they honestly made all the difference in my labor…The midwife said that I was so calm, that it was really something. I handled all the contractions myself using your techniques. Thank you thank you thank you for helping me achieve the birth I wanted!” -Rachel, 2nd birth (and follow-up workshops for 3rd and 4th births)

Private sessions or group rates available.

For more information, please contact:

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